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‘AMD Glasses’ in Development  9/15/2013

Eyeglasses and computer aids to correct visual distortions experienced with AMD?

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An Exam Lane on Your Smartphone  9/15/2013

New app might make taking an eye exam almost as easy as making a phone call.
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In the News  9/15/2013

Here's a look at a few of the latest headlines.
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New Sulfa Drug Could Control Migraines  9/15/2013

Opsinamides could stop light-sensitivity associated with migraine headaches.
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Optometry Bill Stalls in California  9/15/2013

Bill would expand the role of ODs to permit treatment of certain systemic diseases.
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Statins Prevent Cataracts, Study Says  9/15/2013

Research shows statins are not only safe, but useful against cataracts.
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